Hope you find ‘The One’

I sometimes wonder whether man/woman needs company in life. And if yes, why do they need one.. the most obvious answer is nature has designed us to procreate as the basic duty/job and that happens when people of the opposite gender come close to each other.

And hence I feel this nature of attraction is innate to all living beings, not just humans. On a social and emotional level, it enhances or reduces some emotions. It is true with birds, animals, amphibians as well as plants; I have noticed that. I think that is why we have been taught in school to stay around a good company, stay away from toxicity so that our ‘correct’ emotions are enhances or suppressed. It also helps mentally in easing oneself.. if one pigeon takes care of the eggs, the other can take care of the nest and food. Company thus helps mentally through division of work thereby creating a support system.

I had been noticing these events around me for some years but have felt it only truly and deeply after having found ‘the one’. My day begins and ends with her. She is indeed my Circle of Life. As a computer engineer, I had developed a certain level of IQ, but a sense of EQ developed after I met my wife Ritika. It is, as I mentioned earlier the law of attraction which created an interest in her- her likes, dislikes, her perceptions and notions.. respecting her choices and being sensitive to her needs. Over time I can anticipate how she may feel about certain things and it automatically creates a red flag with respect to actions.

We find ways to coexist, create our small place in this world and make it a happy place to live in. It gives me a sense of comfort physically, mentally and emotionally to be around her and makes me happy to see her around. We are a part of each other’s big and small decisions. I never knew I had the capability of being this way with someone.. so committed, so involved and so sensitive. The flip side it a sense of loosing it at some point of time in life. No living being can bear the grief of his loved one not being around. As joyful the emotion being around your companion is, equally or even harder is the emotion of being apart.
In spite of these mixed emotions, I would choose the first and prescribe the same to the young ones. There is no greater joy than sharing your life with someone and equally being a part of someone else’s life.

Even though we are still very early in our journey, it pains me to see  people drifting apart and choosing to stay away. I try to be sensitive of their situation that maybe they are not the right people for each other, maybe the pieces don’t fit.. but if there is any other emotion of ego, jealously, for granted, insensitivity that is guiding their emotions; they would end up being the same with other person as well. So introspection is important at every stage of life
Times like these make me feel very lucky as it is not too big a task to function when Ritika is around. And I feel this sense of ease is the strength of our relationship. I am reluctant to disturb this sense of calmness and peace and ease that I share with her.

And I am writing this as I feel overwhelmed by the emotion of Valentine’s day, which is also the day we promised to be each other’s life long partners and express my gratitude through this article. I hope every one out there also find who they are looking for and have a better life ahead!

Who are the lesser mortals

There is something about animals that moves me.. I guess they are not fully developed through the process of evolution. It’s evident from walking on table top like support, their levels of IQ and EQ, speech and hearing levels and the functions they are able to perform. But it would be unfair to call them lesser mortals as they utilise their fullest potential. Looking at dogs and cows and cats on the road, I feel they add variety to our sight. Their posture, their voices and their actions are obviously not ‘ human-like’ . They often are a victim of accidents and overspending. So these unfortunate incidents keep affecting their population strength inspite of their capabilities to procreate.
Humans and their ability to populate the world is often a societal norm. Animals do not have that problem, they have a sense of choice in their major life decisions.. unless disturbed by an external force. What’s also interesting to see is that they know their community, get attracted to people of their community and are educated sufficiently about the process of enticing and procreation. In these respects, one might believe there is greater freedom and understanding within the animal world. In their world as well, survival of fittest works, but they are guided by emotions of love, affection, sympathy and care. They are also protective of their clan and offspring and enmity towards their rivals. Interestingly, they are not as ambitious as humans and instead of sulking about the past and worrying about the future, they choose to live in the moment.

These help us deduce that besides some disadvantages, animals are capable of not just leading intelligent lives but happier lives than humans. With this background in place, I fail to understand, what morality and ethics guides human to disturb, encroach and destroy animal lives and justify it?
At the inception of this world, we have coexisted with the community and helped each other. With invention of objects like fire and later iron, man has become ambitious and has constantly tried to enlarge its sphere of influence. Animals continued to stay on their lands- forests, parks and aquatic ecosystems. They are accustomed to their habitat and a change to the habitat endangers their existence. Change, unless improving and maintaining the purity of the environment, severely disturbs their lives. It is still raw and natural and not pleased by material greatness. So retrospectively, it is man that is moved ‘forward’ deviated and changed its course, ‘ become more ‘civilised and cultured’. Its constant endeavour to improve their lives and livelihoods have reduced the space available for animals. Not only do humans enter, but destroy lands of animals. The latter is left with no choice but to ‘enter human space’. This leads to a popular term of ‘Human-Animal Conflict’ whose cause is listed as animals encroaching human land. 

This situation calls for a serious introspection into human activities, into human definition of ‘growth and development’, disturbing animal habitat leading to a reduction in their population and ultimately disturbing the environmental balance. It calls for a serious introspection on the part of us humans to maintain if not restore the balance.   

Hiking benefits on Mental Health

A simple walk outside or a frequent hike can significantly impact a person’s mental health by allowing them to disconnect from stressful thoughts while being one with nature.

Hiking has various health advantages, ranging from the physical exercise provided by being out on the trail to the emotional and mental relaxation provided by being in nature.Hiking through a natural setting is more effective than merely walking about the city.

While any type of walking is beneficial to one’s physical health, walking in nature is also helpful to one’s mental health. Hiking in the countryside has more mental benefits than walking through more populated regions. Hiking also appears to minimize the impact of the brain area that causes poor moods.

According to a study conducted by Stanford University researchers, spending quality time outdoors reduces stress, soothes anxiety, and can reduce the risk of depression. They further reported that walking in nature for 90 minutes helps to reduce negative thoughts. Being outside improves your sensory experience and opens your senses to your environment.Some people tend to over-analyze their own bad emotions and experiences. Hiking minimizes the likelihood of over-thinking. Hiking in the woods can help one cope with typical mental health disorders like stress and sadness. The varied panorama of forests, mountains, streets, and beaches is far more fascinating than the usual gym’s walls, so it’s easy to see why a walk-through nature – or even the park – makes us feel so much better.According to a report that studied the influence of “green” activities on children living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, outdoor activities that focus on nature reduced symptoms much more than activities conducted in other settings.After 40, we begin to lose brain matter like gray matter, which aids in information processing. Gray matter retention and thickness in crucial brain areas can be boosted by exercise.

While any exercise may appear to help with these issues, hiking has a distinct advantage. When you’re out on the path, you’re in an environment that forces you to use your memory and focus with each step.According to the American Hiking Society, your body releases adrenaline to deal with real or perceived danger. If it isn’t released, adrenaline builds up, creating muscle tension and anxiety. Hiking is a convenient way to get rid of built-up adrenaline. It also releases endorphins, which might help to lift one’s spirits.It’s an all-encompassing sensory experience when we’re in nature. Connecting to this unique sensory experience can help one be more creative. In a 2012 study, a group of 56 female hikers improved their performance on a creative problem-solving assignment by 50 percent after spending four days in nature.The circadian rhythm, or internal 24-hour biological clock, allows us to fall asleep and wake up easily at night and in the morning. However, it has a similar impact on our general mood and brain function.Cortisol, the stress hormone, rises in the morning as the sun rises and falls in the evening when the sunsets. Cortisol cycle abnormalities can be alleviated by spending time outside in the sun, improving overall sleep quality, and avoiding plaque from obscuring the mind. Exposure to bright sunlight while hiking can aid in creating serotonin, further increasing the possibility for mental clarity.

A Mathematics Overview

Mathematics is an area of study that covers mathematics itself, statistics, and management science. Mathematics is engaged with solving complex problems partly by breaking them up into simpler problems as well as explaining different phenomena in a logical manner. Statistics is the study of probability and an approach to making logical predictions. Management science is concerned with analyzing decision-making processes. Areas of concern for management science include voting systems and game theory.

Beyond the three divisions of mathematics are the various branches of this area of study. During the start of mathematical studies, the topics of mathematics are sequential, meaning it is necessary to study a specific branch before moving on to the next because the early branches of math are built on top of each other. The first branch would be arithmetic. This fundamental branch of mathematics includes the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as exponents.

Next comes algebra. This is a branch of mathematics that deals with calculations involving variables. Algebra deals with the discovery of the unknown based on a set of known parameters. Knowledge of algebra is necessary for understanding other branches of mathematics such as trigonometry and calculus.

Volumes, shapes, and sizes fall in the realm of geometry. Geometry involves the calculations of areas, space, and perimeters. This knowledge is useful for a number of practical applications in areas such as architecture, civil engineering, and logistics.

Trigonometry is an area of mathematics that studies angles and triangles to calculate distance and length. The common trigonometric functions of angles are sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant. This branch of mathematics originated from the need to calculate angles and distances in astronomy, surveying, mapmaking, and war (specifically artillery).

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with the study of probability as well as the analysis and interpretation of collections of data. This newer branch of mathematics finds a wide variety of uses in both the sciences and in business.

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that was independently invented by both Newton and Leibnitz centuries ago. It marks an important advance in mathematics since, with calculus, math can now work with objects in motion instead of just static objects. For non-math university students, the study of calculus typically marks the apex of their mathematical studies. Math majors, on the other hand, go on to more advanced mathematical studies.

Number theory is a branch of mathematics with ancient origins. It concerns the study of the relationships between numbers comprising the set of real numbers. The discipline starts with the properties of integers and builds up to exploring cryptography and game theory.

Topology is a relatively new branch of mathematics concerned with deformities in geometrical shapes. It studies geometrical forms being crumpled, stretched, and twisted. Also known as rubber sheet geometry, in topology the shapes can be stretched but not broken. Applications include knot theory, dynamical systems, and differential equations. In physics, topology finds use in string theory.

Although a largely theoretical subject with no specific focus on real-world jobs, the skills imparted by mathematics are needed to understand and solve a wide-variety of problems across various industries and sciences. Investment banking, computer science, and insurance are just some of the industries that need mathematicians.

According to a 2017/2018 Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Graduate Outcomes Survey, 70 percent of math majors go on to employment, with 15 percent choosing to go on to further studies. The other graduates do a number of things such as becoming entrepreneurs and doing volunteer work.

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